Who We Are

Headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, TechScapes is committed to providing healthcare facilities in the Northern Florida/Southern Georgia area with the most state of the art and high-quality health care efficiency products. To differentiate itself in the marketplace, TechScapes places an emphasis on the customer experience. We offer countless combinations of medical products and integration systems for hospitals, surgical centers, long term care, and clinics. Our representatives work with healthcare teams to plan, design, and create custom solutions with safe, flexible, and efficient layouts.

TechScapes’ mission is to:

  • Guide our customers through the ever-changing technology landscape
  • Incorporate best in class customer service with integrity and honesty, from a professionally rewarding environment
  • Provide innovative and high-quality products

Why TechScapes

We are:

  • Customer centric
  • Passionate about what we do
  • Locally owned and operated
  • The exclusive authorized Skytron distributor in Northern FL/Southern GA